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Oi... :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 4 51 Match Claim: Spike Spiegel vs. Sterling Archer :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 1 9 Death Battle: Rin Okumura vs. Sadao Maou :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 1 1
Harbingers of Apocalypse! Death Battle!(Preview)
Grey: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!
Ike: Was it necessary to find such terrifying pictures?
Grey: Yes. Now stop being such a little baby and-
Phantom: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!
Grey: *Sigh* Of course I'd get ignored... Whatever. Let's get this show on the road!!
Snowdin Town, The Underground
A single portal opens, melting the very snow beneath it, as a lone, imposing figure steps through: This was Exdeath, Master of the Void itself, and an extremely powerful warlock. His light blue armor, shined to an unnatural polish, glinted in the snow, which might have attracted the magpies if he didn't give off such a scary vibe, like he knew things you didn't. His helmet, horned and shined with the same unnatural polish, covered his face. No one could have known what truly laid beneath it, for no human had ever lived long enough to see it. Those who did, had gone insane, becoming rantin
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 4 48
Almighty Pear of Salamanca :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 3 3 Storm (Grey's Yandere Side of his Psyche) :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 2 20 Phantom (The fun side of Grey's Pysche) :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 1 73 Shade (The Murderous side of Grey's Psyche) :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 1 131
Creepypasta: May 23, 2006
Date: September 22, 2005
'Well, finally got my hands on some recording software. Now I can keep an audio journal of sorts for... Well, just about anything, really.
My name is Frances J Sanderson, and I'm a graduate of Stanford University. I started there in the year of 1997, and took a Master's Degree in Biophysics. Basically, I study how physics affect any number of biological subjects, ranging from anything to animals, such as pigs, lizards and so on, to plants and even humans.
It's a tough subject to stick with and get a Master's Degree, to be perfectly honest. But as a child, I always strove to prove to my mother and father that I could be anything I wanted. They scoffed at me, and said it was nothing more than a pipe dream, fueled by a foolish child's imagination. But I would never cry. Occasionally, I would get upset. But, I wouldn't cry. I told myself not to. If there was time to cry, there was time to smile. That was something my Aunt Matilda always told me. I miss her so much.
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 4 9
Amusing! XD (Major Salt Warning) :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 3 37
DBX: Blue Vs. Silver
Mt. Silver, Just outside the Pokemon Centre
Mt. Silver. With it's wintry peak, daunting size, and atmospheric view, it was indeed the pinnacle of trainers who had not only obtained the 8 badges of Kanto, but the 8 badges of Johto as well. 
One young man had done so, with his bright red hair, cocky attitude, and immense battling skill, he had battled his way through the sixteen gyms of the two regions, and gotten permission from Professor Oak to come here. Oak knew Silver was chasing someone, someone who had surpassed him in every sense of the word.
"You have obtained all sixteen badges, I see. Very well. I shall grant you permission to Mt. Silver. But, I must warn you right now, Silver. Even if you do beat him, what will it accomplish?" Silver looked at the old man with a half contemptible look on his face, bordering on respect for the revered professor. "Hmph. What I do is none of your business. Gold is someone I must take down. I need to prove I'm a good trainer
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 7 20
Blue French Vanilla cake! :iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 2 13
Gongora shatters the mirrors of DEATH BATTLE!
Full Name: Gongora (Unknown if he has a last name)
Age: 1000+ years old 
Species: Human/Immortal (He came from a different world.)
Title: Uhran Council member/ King of Uhra
Final Boss Theme:
Was chosen as an ambassador from his world to explore the human world along with five others
-And later wiped their memories clean, even making the main character work for him
Was picked to build Grand Staff, a giant magic Engine designed to improve the lives of the people of Uhra
-Successfully did so, using it's power for himself.
Tricked the young Prince Tolten into believing the Council wanted to assassinate him
-Even going so far as to kill the Chairman.
Also managed to trick the entirety of Uhra, becoming King in the process
-Vanquished the forces of Gohtza and Khent in the process to prove his worth
Managed to beat Kaim and his party a grand total of three times
Is quite durable, able to tank multliple hits from multiple sourc
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 11 2
Fight For All Fiction: Red
Character Status: Unlockable (Win at least 35 battles with any Pokemon character)
Weight Class: Medium
Nickname: The Original Pokemon Master
"..." It was cold. Too cold. Something was up. 'Maybe it's just the wind picking up...' He thought. '... No. This is different. This feels... Evil...' He pulled out a Pokeball, and threw it, sending out his Pikachu. "Pika!" The small, electric mouse looked up at his trainer. 'Be careful, Pikachu. I don't like this...' The two felt the air around them shift, as a portal began to open up in front of them, sucking them in. The two blacked out, as the portal closed, just as another trainer arrived, perplexed at the empty room. Red awoke to find himself in an abandoned hospital. He checked his Pokeballs. He still had them. Except for... 'Pikachu.' Where was he? He set off, walking through the empty hospital, unaware he had just been entered into the Fight For All Fiction.
Character Summary:
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 5 14
Fight For All Fiction: Robin
Character Status: Starter
Weight Class: Medium Class
Nickname: The High Deliverer
Origin: "Farewell, my friends. May we meet again, in a better life." They had slain him. Grima, the bane of existence. But... It had come at a heavy cost... Robin... His friends could only watch as he disappeared into ether, floating towards the stratosphere. "I'm so sorry, everyone..." Were the last thoughts that had gone through his head before he blacked out. It was some time when he came to. He was in a bed, soft, but rather small. He looked around. There was green everywhere. There were Motifs of a Dragon soaring through the sky on the walls. To the east was a small door. It suddenly opened, and a benevolent looking man stepped in, with black hair curled up in a bun. There were two ornate swords sheathed at his hip line. He walked over to the bed, a smile on his face. "Ah, I see you're awake. That's good. My name is Liu Bei. Do you know where you are?" Robin, still wooz
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 8 2
Fight For All Fiction: Gardevoir
Character Status: Starter
Weight Class: Light/Medium Class
Nickname: The Embrace Pokemon
Origin: A loving, yet fiercely loyal Pokemon, known as the Embrace Pokemon, this particular one belongs to the Champion of the Elite Four of the Kalos region, Diantha. They had just finished facing off against another young trainer, beating them without a sweat. Gardevoir wasn't really one for senseless violence, but even she had to agree there had to be more to life than just this. Over, and over, and over. She wanted more. She got her wish one night, as she watched over Diantha in her sleep, a portal had opened up behind her. She turned around to evaluate this new threat, and stared at it with caution. She had no idea if it was dangerous or not. She thought on this, and told herself this could be the chance that she had been waiting for. She stepped through the portal, and only one thought entered her head at that particular moment: She had just entered into the
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 9 7


Prelude: No Strings on me

I would prefer for you guys to comment on the deviation than the st.ash file, Thank you!
:icontrident346:Trident346 10 18
Vivian :iconloulabeiie:LoulabeIIe 107 21
Tagged by :Iconcrownedmocha:
Rules: Tag 8 people that you want to know better.
Name: You can call me Cheyenne
Star sign: Libra
Average hours of sleep: 6 to 9 hours of sleep
Lucky number: Honestly, I dont have a lucky number. Sorry
Last thing I googled: The news! Lol a 17 year old looking up news. How weird!
When I started my account: Not sure haha Im on my phone making this journal
Number of watchers: Again no clue. Last time I checked 300+ I think
What do I post: Selfies. I know so egotistical
Do I run any more blogs: Nope, sadly.
Do I get a lot of comments: Not really....
Why did I choose my username: I love cats and my cats name is Sakura. Well one of them. Anyway, I also wanted to pick a simple number, so I chose 12.
Anyone who want to do it, and the people I tag.
Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody
:iconsakuracat12:SakuraCat12 1 3
Rushmore: The World's Worst Troll... and DB Writer
...I know I said this journal would have been devoted to my "Battles I Will Never Do", and that journal will be the next one after this, but THIS... THIS is something I felt I needed to comment on now. Because, for some unknown reason, being ripped apart by the largest legion of critics and DB veterans was not enough to repel this little shit, and now, he is apparently back on the move.
Who am I referring to?
:iconrushmore1673:, AKA :iconthemotherfucker0001:, AKA the world's WORST troll and DEATH BATTLE! writer, of course!
Oh yeah, now it is MY TURN to write a journal entry, to warn every single one of my watchers about this little shit. So, who is Rushmore?
Rushmore was an aspiring DEATH BATTLE! writer, like me, Phan, Ray, Abe, Haku, Frez, wait, he wasn't... We knew the basic fundamentals of the English language and writing a narrative when we started. Rushmore, at first glance however, seemed relatively harmless. Annoying... a bit of a kiss-up... but not too bad. He invited
:iconwildgun-edge:Wildgun-Edge 10 64
Tony the Talking Clock clocks into DEATH BATTLE!
Name: Tony the Talking Clock
First Appearance: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 (2014)
One of countless "teachers" used to teach questionable lessons to children
Is a fantastic singer
-One of the most dangerous teachers in all of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
-Took the puppets on a "journey through time" in less than five minutes
-Scarred the yellow puppet for life, being the only one he remembered clearly
-Nearly killed the puppets before he put them into a time loop
Time Powers:
Time Travel:

-Can transport himself and others, as well as various objects, through different time periods
--Can even transport himself and others to very specific times
-Travels through a space-like dimension to get to his destination
-Appears to be able to transport himself and others to wherever he wants during that period as well
Time Manipulation:

-Able to speed up time rapidly
-Can make a person's body decompose in seconds
--It takes around 12 years for a body to decompose
-Is capable of re
:iconv-create:V-Create 7 5
Wolfboy1020 admits to being a criticism hater
:iconwolfboy1020: did a "last journal" on me where he poorly tries to "lecture" me on etiquette:
You're right, there IS a difference between bullying and criticism, but there comes a time and when you take criticism a bit too far.
You don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between them and have shown nothing to prove otherwise.

That time was just now, when you called  my "butt-buddy." 
This is hardly what I call proof of “criticism going too far”. Are you that thin-skinned that a simple and harmless term like that ticks you off? It was sarcasm there. Couldn’t you tell?
I am sorry for not being able to accept criticism. I will try my best to do so from here on out, but for now, you have left me no choice but to block you, and let you have the last say. 
No, I don’t think you are sorry; if you were then you would prove it by being able
:iconfail-seeker:Fail-Seeker 3 49
The True Snake in the Grass (Pokemon TF Story)
    "Help! Police, that kid stole my Pokemon!"
    Those were the first seven words I heard as I charged past pedestrians, a stolen handbag clutched to my chest and criminally reckless thoughts flowing through my brain. The only things I cared at this point were getting away not only unscathed, but also with the catch of the day, the handbag in my hands, that is. My feet, clothed in worn down sneakers, clapped against the dirt path as I darted past witnesses, some with open arms in attempts to snag me from the street and put a stop to my crime. I easily maneuvered around them, however.
    I grew up with one moral in my life:
    "If there's something you want so badly, you take it, especially with force."
    As I neared the sign that guide travelers to the nearest route, the all-too-familiar sound of barking reached my ears. The police, in reply to my actions, released the Herdier to chase me down. I knew I had run a lot faster than w
:iconmrsoupcan:MrSoupCan 4 2
Alizei - profile
"Welcome to my little world of medicine!"
Full name: Alizei Sonnen
Alias: Hare heart / The nurse / The surgeon / Allie
Species/race: Human
Age: 28
Birth date: 15 March 20096
Sex: Female
Weight: 50,3 kilograms
Height: 1,51 m
Feet size: 36 (EU)
Profile: Right-handed
Blood type: 0
Blood color: Light red
Eyes: Morphochromatic - they often switch colors randomly, sometimes not symmetrically
Skin color: Tan
Hair color: Blonde
Occupation: Surgeon
Birth place: Sonnen Family's mansion
Country of origin: Laprum
City of origin: None; their mansion was kept near the Alaysian Fields, though
Allegiances: WDPU (current)
Physical description:
    Alizei is a bit chubby and incredibly small. Her body frame is of a medium size and her clothes greatly accentuate it, albeit this is not t
:iconavionaris:AvionAris 3 22
Prelude: It's Not Easy Being Green

Be warned that this prelude contains spoilers

Tempest: Have you ever wondered where the heroes and villains in comic books get the money to fund their equipment and stuff? The easy answer is that they're usually either scientists that can develop their own weapons and suits or they are the head of a successful company and can use their company's assets to fund and develop their gear! Using the latter, these two have become a well recognized hero and villain and were it not for their hard work making money, they wouldn't be able to afford all those cool and fancy toys!
Hydro Frez: Wait, that's the connection? I thought we were making them fight each other because they both have "Green" in their name!
Tempest: Well that too, alongside the fact that it's classic good guy vs bad guy, hero vs villain.
Hydro Frez: Ah. Well in that case, I know I'm rooting for Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow!

Tempest: Me too. Wait
:iconwater-frez:Water-Frez 21 12
Goten Finally going to be useful in DEATH BATTLE!!

Son Goten
First Appearance: Videl Emergency(Manga), I am Saiyman(Anime)
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 57lbs 
Species: 1/2 Saiyan,1/2 Human
Age: 7(DBZ), Around 9-10(Super)
-Youngest Saiyan to go Super Saiyan 
-Second son of Goku
-Is a fighting prodigy
-Could spar and keep up with Gohan(Hadn't trained in around 7 years)
-Able to keep up with opponent around Freezer level in his base form 
-Can Dodge(unlike Gohan)


-Piece right through a mountain with a rock with ease
-One shotted martial arts kids with ease
- With the help of trunk able to hold is own with Android 18
-Fought equally vs Avo and Cabo 
 -There both around Frieza level
-Beat up a giant snake while holding back
As Super Saiyan
-His kicks was able to make Super Saiyan Gohan sweat
-Was able to break out of trunks hold
 -Was unable to do so in base form
:iconlordmonferno:LordMonferno 9 0
DWOAH: Geralt of Rivia vs Garrett Hawke
Deadliest warriors of all history
Geralt of Rivia vs Garrett Hawke
Geralt of Rivia info:
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 195lbs
Weapons: Steel Sword, Silver Sword, Crossbow
Magic: Axii (temporary mind control), Yrden (slows enemies), Igni (shoots Flames), Quen (Barrier Spell), Aard (Kinetic Force Blast)
Strengths: Is claimed to be the greatest Witcher, Superhuman strength/durability/reflexes, High intellect and metal fortitude, Master Swordsman, Keen shot with his Crossbow, Well skilled in Magic Signs, Cannot feel pain, Has killed countless men and monsters of every shape and size (including a High Vampire that had killed several Witchers before him without prep time and a Dragon in single combat), Stopped the Wild Hunt, Near a century of Witcher experience, Ages much slower than normal humans.
Weaknesses: Whilst he is unfeeling to pain it doesn’t mean that Geralt is immune to damage as a few hard hits can take him down, Most of his abilities are brought on by Potions and Elixirs meanin
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 10 31
[CM] TuLettu :iconfareow:Fareow 113 18
Dear god. This is bucking late!!!
I got tagged (slapped in the ass) by this lovely sweetheart Yogfan
Green-Eyed-Dorito-Cunt; W.D.Skinny-Penis; Green-Chubby-FatFuck; Lazy Bucking Prick
Star Sign: Aries (The Massive Dorito-Fisting Bitch Boi is my star: Aries la Diaz Ref Sketch Fucking hell.)
Average hours of sleep: Usually 6-7 hours; Sometimes 2-3 because....
Lucky numbers:  666 ( Must be shoved deep in a demonic cornchip's asshole for it to work)
Last thing I Googled: How to fist Spicy Doritos up my ass?
When I made this account and why: Because I'm a lazy worthless shit with no life.
Amount of watchers: 2187 fuckbois (Who seem to love be my dorito-fisting bitches)
What I post: These amazing piles of lumpy g
:icongreen-eyed-dragoness:Green-Eyed-Dragoness 10 98
Mature content
Camilla and Lucina in Bunny Suits :iconsamuelcookdesign:SamuelCookDesign 248 17
DeathBattle: Edward Elric vs DMC!Dante

Z: All right, ladies and gentlemen, the combatants are set, and all have spoken or forever held their peace.
Tessera: Which means, without further ado...
Magus: It's time for a DEATH BATTTLLLLLLLLEE-!!


  an small, late 1800s-era town, at nighttime

  Today... was not at all a good day for poor Edward Elric.
  After suffering multiple nightmares concerning himself and his friends, the elder Elric brother awoke from his rest, violently bolting upwards... directly into the roof of the bunk bed he was sleeping on.
  He had come here after Al went missing, feeling something... wrong... about this place. Indeed, he had never even heard of this town's existence, and no one seemed to be living here at all: indeed, when he went to knock on a door for directions and accidentally knocked down the
:icontheperpetual:ThePerpetual 49 96
Virgin Killer Sweater! :iconiminnocentlylusty:ImInnocentlyLusty 15 65


Phantasm-Of-Grey34's Profile Picture
Pfft! Yea Right!
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night to y'all lovely people! My name is Grey, and I thank you for visiting my page! I hope I can help out with whatever troubles the soul!

A few things about me!

- I am 23 years of age! (Maybe)

- I absolutely adore RWBY right now!!~ X3

- My favourite food is Pizza from any number of "real" pizza places. No frozen shit for this guy!

-My least favourite is anything with mushrooms or any kind of peppers.

-And... I do RP, so send me a note if you want to! I usually use my OCs for RPing, and there are limits, of course!

Other than that... Have a ton of fun hanging out here, and feel free to note me anyway if you just want to chat! I'm actually very friendly and approachable! :3

Don't forget to read my DBs, laugh at the (admittedly unfunny) memes, or take part in a poll if you want!

Leave a comment, and don't forget to watch me! :D (I usually watch back! :))

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!!


Match Claim: Spike Spiegel vs. Sterling Archer
It's a match up of two gunslingers who play by their own rules and have incredible marksman skills!

I own nothing!

Title card made by :iconmajin123:
Hallo! I got a hella lot of questions​! So it's time to answer!

:icontrident346: Asked me three! Let's check em out!

1. What kind of Alcoholic​ Beverage are you drinking? 
Captain Morgan, my dear. :P

2. Do you like me as a Friend?
Jeez, that's a toughie. Gah... I dunno. I kinda like you more than that. Although, I know what I'm restricted to. Besides, I love my girlfriend more than anyone.

3. Give me a Random Fact about yourself.
I'm 45% Irish, my girl! :3

:iconsakuracat12: Asked me one! Lezze what it is!

1. What's your favorite hobby and why?
Writing Poetry. It's calming and relaxing and I'm good at it, especially when I'm wasted. Xp

:iconyoungsamurai18: Asked me a whopping 4! Damn! Let's go!

1. If you could bang any fictional character not named Nora, who would it be?
Probably Professor Ivy from the Pokemon anime. She's so hot! Hehe...

2. If you could bang any male fictional character, who would it be?
Auron from FFX. Dat smooth voice...

3. If you could bang any celebrity, who would it be?
Probably Emma Watson. Damn, she's good looking.

4. And do I like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?
I've never watched it.

:iconnocturnbros: Asked me one!

1. 2B or 9S?
Uh... 9S? Da fuq?

:iconaratzegardevior: Asks:

1. Why do people bring their babies to church?
Because people like torturing us, Dat's why.

:iconwcher999: Asked one as well! Yay!!

1. Are you a tits man or an ass man?
Hmm... Probably a tit man.

:iconcambion-hunter: Asked one too!

1. Are there any webcomics you like?
Pokemon Hardmode Nuzlocke.

Thanks!! If anyone wants to ask more, go ahead!!
  • Listening to: Never gonna give you up
  • Eating: Chocolate.
  • Drinking: Captain Morgan's
Happy Easter, all! Today, to celebrate the chocolate covered holiday, I'm gonna get wasted. And...

Similar to one :icontrident346:, I'm gonna be taking questions! This journal will be for asking questions, so go ahead and ask as many as possible, and then I'll make another journal when I'm good and wasted to answer said questions.

Bottoms up and Happy Easter! ;)
  • Listening to: Never gonna give you up
  • Eating: Chocolate.
  • Drinking: Captain Morgan's


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531 / 3,000
This is for a very special friend of mine.

I'd like to give her a little surprise, so any points would be greatly appreciated, please. :)

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